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Baha'i Gardens in Haifa
The Bahai Gardens in Haifa is comprised of nineteen terraces, sloping down gently like a set of staircase from the top of Mount Carmel to the foot of the hill. The central axis of the gardens points to the direction of the Gardens of the Bahjí in Acre, where Baha'u'llah, the founder of the Baha'i Faith, is buried. At the heart of the gardens is the Shrine of the Báb with the golden dome; this is the burial place of the prophet - the forerunner of the Baha'i Faith.
Louis Promenade
Louis Promenade in Haifa is an attraction both during the day and night. Flourishing vegetation, open lawns and benches are combined together in the promenade. Louis Promenade stretches along 400 meters overlooking the spectacular panoramic view of the Bay of Haifa all the way to Rosh Hanikra and Mt Hermon.
The German Colony
In 1869 came the Templars, a group of Protestant Christians from Germany who believed that salvation can only happen by settling in the Holy Land of Israel. They decided that Haifa was the best place to establish a colony – it had a nearby port, experienced only mild weather, and was accessible to the Galilee and the valleys.

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You may be happy to know that we did not just read somewhere about all the places in this website. 

We climbed, walked, swam, crawl and rode through all of them (sometimes even multiple times).

We of course photographed each one our beautiful tours and even videotaped some as well as created great cartoons and timelines for your enjoyment. 

We ate in every restaurant (great ones and not so great ones!) and slept in each place that we recommend about.

We then edit all of our tours intro beautiful trips and put them under different categories.

Part of our tours are actually interactive audio tour guides which include detailed explanations, beautiful photos, voice narrations and a tour map. Enjoy!

Our aim is to show you the trails and places where we've traveled and had a great time, to cover Israel from our own authentic place and deliver informative and enriching stories. Stories that would really make you understand, experience and learn about Israel.

We Love Israel

You can use this website on your computer in order to make the proper preparation before your trip as well as use the mobile version of this website (just enter this website from your smartphone) and enjoy the tour guides while your vacation in Israel.

If you expect short comments, short description, ad like stories about our tours, this is not the site for you but if you want an in-depth research about different trips, we believe that this site will bring the good.

I (Uzzi) live and breath Israel, and I love to think of my self that I'm familiar and know really a lot about Israel, every tiny little place is of interest for me. We (me & my son) dig deeply into each of our trip. We want to bring you the real stories, the real history, all there is to know about the place from historic, geographic and cultural aspects.

All the articles are based on our own traveling. No mushy-mushy articles, no travel ads and short stories just to fill up pages. Every trip and site is studied and described in depth. Every special Israel food is beautifully described. Every Israeli culture condition is investigated from the inside out.

Wonderful Israel

Feel free to watch the following 2 minutes video about 5 of the most beautiful places in Israel! It will introduce you to the main tourism sites in Israel,

Study Hebrew

It is always nice to know the language when you are traveling to a new country. It is especially true when you plan to stay for a long while or even considering moving (making Aliyah in Israel terms). Hebrew is the primary language in Israel and we can give you some tips about how to start your hebrew learning adventure or help you moving ahead if you've already began learning Hebrew. Click here to log into the study hebrew page.

What Should You Expect

Israel Travel Ideas is my passion for the country which I love so much. As this site continue to grow, you can expect to see...

  • The best tours in Israel from Metula in the north to Eilat in the south
  • Best hotels, hostels, B&B, and other special accommodation
  • Get familiar with Israel culture and on all the 'little things' that make Israel the great place that it is
  • Tips, advices on everything Israel Travel
  • Israeli (& Jewish) culinary and great restaurants
  • 'Must Do'  (as well as 'Can Do') activities in Israel
  • Israel Religons, Religions, Religions!
  • Why you should make Israel a top priority for your next vocation
  • Our favourite non-tourist places and things to do

So you can come back and visit us from time to time. Or...

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