The Cable Car

From the promenade, continue to the cable car at its lowest station. The nearby beach attracts many surfers, especially in the winter season, because of the high waves in this area.

  • Opening hours: From Sunday to Saturday: between 09:00 to 20:00 (summer), and between 10:00 to 18:00 (winter).
  • Phone number: 04-8335970

Hopping on the cable car and on the way to the top lookout point, a spectacular view of the beach and the Carmel ridge unfolds. The ride in the transparent cable car takes only about five minutes but, during this time, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the slopes of Mount Carmel and Haifa bay.

The cable car connects the Bat Galim neighborhood, located near the Mediterranean coast, to the Stella Maris area at the northwest tip of Mount Carmel.

In the book by Theodor Herzl, “Old New Land” (called Altneuland in German), which was originally published in Germany, in 1902, the following description appears:

"Children of the devil, what is that? Shouted the Kings court, shooting with his finger at a large iron train that flew over the palm trees, and from the windows look the people who sit in it. The carriage is hanging and gliding over a tremendous network of iron bridges. And David Litvak answered: this is the iron electric flying railway. Haven’t you seen one like this in Europe already?" (New Land, pp. 148)

The cable car was built for tourism purposes, in 1986, during Arie Goral’s tenure as the mayor of Haifa. The funicular has six spherical and transparent cars, three traveling in each direction. The cable car was nicknamed “eggs of Goral", at the time, by local residents because of the spherical shape of the cars. The length of the cable car is 355 meters and the difference in height, between its two stations, is 130 meters.

Get off the cable car at the topmost station; there is a nice observation point of the landscape at the top. On a nice day, even Rosh Hanikra and the Gulf of Acre in the north can be seen. There are also a number of restaurants nearby.

The cable cars against the background of Bat Galim Promenade

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